A strong result oriented Soil Conditioner.
• Gold Power is an eco-friendly organic carbon rich granular soil conditioner which conditions soil by maintain its pH level, adding organic carbon and other secondary macro nutrients (Ca, Mg, S).

• Gold Power is an organic substitute which improves the productivity of the land and production capacity of the crop plants.


• Gold Power is more effective even in problematic soils where productivity is naturally low as besides organic carbon it provides three macro secondary nutrients also in ample amount i.e. Ca (20%), Mg (5%) & S (20%).
1. Magnesium (Mg) being an integral part of Chlorophyll pigment helps in Chlorophyll formation and hence improves photosynthesis process of crop plants and giving them self viable standing position.
2. Calcium (Ca) being an integral part for strengthening cell wall gives natural strength to newly multiplying & developing plant organs thus increasing their life span even in the adverse environmental conditions.
3. Sulphur (S) being an integral part of providing disease resistance to the growing and shining to the full bloom crop plants & improves an internal immunity building mechanism simultaneously with the process of chlorophyll formation and photosynthesis. Sulphur increases oil content in oilseed crops like Groundnut, Soybean, and Mustard etc.
• Gold Power increases the Water Holding Capacity (WHC) of soil and support crop plants during adverse environmental conditions. It also improves soil structure and aeration.
• Gold Power can also overcome the consequences of excess application of chemical fertilizers, which in fact reduces the agricultural production as chemicals destroy natural soil flora and fauna.


• Gold Power used at both times, before as well as after sowing (depending on the type of crops). Gold Power is helpful especially at the time of initiation of reproductive phase of any crop plants. Gold Power is recommended to use at a dose of 50-200 kg/ acre, depending on the soil condition.