– A very strong hybrid maize seed introduced by Kamdhenu Biofertilizers under the emblem of Ativeer Seeds with the promise of Higher Yields – More Profit – Satisfied Farmer.
– KN. 201 is the best sustainable hybrid which gives higher yield, orange coloured kernals , higher profits and only covering 95-100 days even in the rainfed conditions.
– KN. 201 remains stay green even at the time of maturity of cobs which provides a good source of green fodder to the existing livestock as an additional advantage and hence gives a good lucrative orange colour.
– KN. 201 is hardy & strong during the low moisture conditions and maintains the average production when sown at a recommended plant to plant distance of 10 inches and row to row distance of 24 inches.


Gold.201 is a research based high yielding mustard seed having an attractive plant with higher branching and having a dense foliage. Its plant height averages around 156 – 175 cm having total bold sized seeds around 14-18 per pod sown under the recommended distance & package of practices. It maintains the oil content nearly 38-42%. This research seed gives good strength & recovery against frost also.


Raj-4037 is an already established variety by Raj seeds which is produced under the closed supervision & properly sorted to get the uniform quality of seeds.


Value addition by Raxil Easy

Raj-4037 seed was treated with a systematic fungicide Raxil Easy (0.3 ml/kg of seed) taken from BAYER for value addition of the seeds and overcoming 2 major limitations of the Wheat and giving 2 major benefits also :
1. Early and uniform germination.
2. Protection against soil & seed born diseases.
Treated Wheat seed reduces the seed rate by atleast 5 kg/acre hence saving the seed against excessive use during sowing time.