Surgical Strike is a plant derived insecticide toxic to insect eggs and larva, preventing pests from reaching their adult stage and hence breaks their life cycle.

Mode of Action

Surgical Strike is applicable on leaves as a foliar spray, kills on contact or ingestion, and is effective during the initial stage of larval infestation after 3 days of application. It is also an effective repellent. It is friendly to non-target beneficial insects like honey bees. It also reduces toxic effect of chemicals used.
It can be applied as alternative to conventional chemical methods.


Surgical Strike usual dose is 50 gms per knapsack sprayer or 3.2 gms per litre of water depending on the method of application used.

For better and accurate results use atleast 9-10 kanpsack sprayers per acre.


Surgical Strike is a broad spectrum biological insecticide which covers almost all the larvae affecting fruits, vegetables, cereals, flowers as well as other field crops.


1. Do not apply in soil application directly or indirectly.
2. Do not apply during or prior to excessive rains as it reduces product efficacy.
3. Use fresh mixture solution and do not allow to retain the mixture solution leaving more than 12 hrs after mixing.
4. Please do not use it for shoot borer and leaf minor.
5. Please do not use it under heavy pest pressure conditions.